Ravenel Bridge aerial shot

Utility Contractor

The nation’s leader in utility services for bridge infrastructure. 

What We Do

Aptus is the industry leader in the installation of bridge utilities. Our experience includes work on over 5,000 bridges across 43 states.

We call ourselves “Aptus.”

Derived from Latin, the word Aptus means “fitting,” “suitable,” and “connected.” We work hard to live up to our name.


We design, engineer, plan, install, inspect and maintain utilities on bridges.

How We Do It

We’ve built our company and reputation on doing great quality work, and we insist on it.

Our customers tell us they can count on us to complete their projects right the first time and on deadline. We believe we achieve these results because:

Aptus hydra-platform truck HPT43 on bridge

Who We Serve

We’ve been fortunate to work with many great people and companies, and we value the deep connections we’ve established with various customers across the country.



Local, State, and Federal Municipalities

Telecommunication companies


And more!

crew working on attaching conduit to side of bridge

Who We Are

At Aptus, we’re focused on people.

Our beliefs and company culture reflect our dedication to others and our unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and people.

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