Our Capabilities

At Aptus, we’ve been doing what we love for decades. We help bridge the gap between the people of this country and the utilities and technology they depend on for daily living:

Fiber Optics



Dry Standpipe


Water & Forced Water Mains

Natural Gas


Our business model includes two highly specialized service areas:
Infrastructure Services and System Integrity Services.


We design, engineer, plan, install, inspect and maintain utilities on bridges.

System Integrity

We inspect, maintain and rehabilitate bridge-mounted gas pipelines.
We collaborate & customize.
Without a doubt, no two projects are alike. Our talented team members work hand-in-hand with our customers to develop solutions specifically tailored to the unique needs of every project. We’ve developed collaborative relationships with a wide variety of customers: utility companies, local/state/federal municipalities, DOTs, general contractors, telecommunication companies, and more!
We use top-of-the-line materials & equipment.
We will never compromise the quality of our service or the safety of people. For that reason, we use the best available equipment and materials.
  • Water lines, ductile iron, PVC, fiberglass, and steel
  • Specialty under bridge utility equipment including but not limited to; Hydra platforms, Aspen units, Snooper trucks, rail access equipment, Elliott trucks, man lifts, boom trucks, and scaffolding
We hire and thoroughly train the best.
We’re proud of the Aptus family—some of the most experienced and skilled people in the business. Relative to the industry, our turnover rates are low because we have a people-centered culture and we invest in comprehensive training of all our field employees.
We’re available when and where you are.
Over the years we’ve mastered methods for expanding our reach while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Aptus serves customers throughout North America for a broad range of markets—from roads and bridges to tunnels and rail, from natural gas pipelines to municipal water systems. And the best part is: We’re flexible.

We know how volatile timelines can be and will do everything we can to be ready to go when you are.

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No matter the project, we’d love to see if we can help.
We’re flexible and ready when you are.